More Moria Screenies

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

As I like to do, I have screenshots for you all of my recent explorations in Moria. I've recently managed to get to the southern part of Zem-Melek as well as briefly into the Redhorn Lodes and Nun-Melek. Like all the screenshots on this blog, they are scaled down for upload into photobucket, but if you'd like to get any of them in full resolution, please e-mail me (you can find my e-mail on my profile page) with the subject line "Screenshot Request" and please type the names of the screenshots you want and I will send them to you as attachments. My photobucket is public so if you'd like any of the other screenshots I have stored there that might not be in this post, you can find those names there as well. And without further delay, here are the screens.

The Second Hall

The Great Hall of Durin
A Hallway
Redhorn Lodes Vista 1
Redhorn Lodes Vista 2
Zem-Melek 1
Zem-Melek 2
Zem-Melek 3
Zem-Melek 4

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