Plan for Post 60

Monday, February 2, 2009

What now? I'm 60, I'm no longer getting xp. Questing is no longer the best way to advance my character unless the quests reward me with a gear upgrade of some kind. What's the plan?

Well, I'm only about half-way through Moria and I haven't seen Lothlorien yet. So I have a lot of quests, deeds, and general exploration yet to do. I'm a questaholic so just because I'm 60 doesn't mean I'm going to stop questing. I did virtually all of Forochel post 50. The most compelling content in this game for me is the quests. Luckily Turbine seems to agree and puts tons of quests in.

Deed grinding is on the horizon as well. First of all, I have a couple slotted virtues that I want to upgrade to tier 10. Second, completing deeds gives you increased quest space in your quest journal. Right now I'm at 46 max.

I also have some gear related goals. Certainly I just got my level 60 captain gear, but there's a better level 60 set commonly referred to as the Radiance gear, which basically gives a radiance buff for each piece you put on. Running around with a full set of that would be great. I need to research where these pieces are dropped - I'm fairly certain it's through instance runs and such. This goal is a long way off though. The other gear goal is to get a full set of Sublime Dawn-Rose jewelry. Each piece is currently 3.5 to 4.5 gold on the AH. I already have the necklace from my kin leader who's a tinker. I have a bid on a bracelet. That leaves five more pieces to get and at the highest price I'm looking at close to 25 gold. For some, that's not much. For me, well, I'm a yeoman and don't have a cash-cow product to craft and sell. It'll be some time where I gain that gold through adventuring.

My less tangible goal would be to help out the kin. I'll try to get some cooking in to dump food in the kinhall for our players post 50. I'll also try and join them on any instance runs they're interested in doing and I'm available.

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