X-Fire Dev Chat

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yesterday afternoon (at least it was afternoon for me on the Pacific coast) some of the LOTRO devs participated in a dev chat via X-Fire. A couple of my kinmates were on and relaying anything interesting to us that were in game at the time. I wasn't one of those in the chat itself, but I thought I'd post the log via another LOTRO blog I've run across called MMeOw: LotRO and Mines of Moria from a Casual Perspective.

Dev chats, while fun, don't seem to be the best way to convey information. I rarely ever learn anything I haven't already found out via a dev post on the forums or some other official communication. This is the same here, except confirmation of Book 7 including the rest of Lothlorien as well as coming "Soon(TM)". I for one greatly look forward to the book, even though I'm not even close yet. If anything, listening to the devs talk about the game always gets me excited to play again. I love their enthusiasm for what they do.

Definitely check out the blog I've linked to here. The content is of great quality and professionalism. If I had know this blog existed before starting my own, I probably would have had my LOTRO blog itch scratched. However, that's not how things have turned out and I'm pleased to have it on my blog roll. Great stuff over there.

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Anonymous Says:

Thanks for the kind words. I, for one, think it's great that you've started your own blog... There really needs to be more of them for this game. I like reading more perspectives on the game outside of the official forums.

I think the way you approached the chat is the best way to do it. I don't expect too much from these things because of their format, but a lot of people seem to get upset over them anyway.

I will say I was glad to hear more about new Minstrel instruments and Lothlorien's reputation system... Even if I've not been there yet.

Keep up the good work!

- Tony