I Made Level 60!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This is it. It's the post I've been looking forward to since the Mines of Moria came out. That and the screenshot posts, which I love doing. I made 60 at exactly midnight on Saturday/Sunday. What really makes this ding exciting is that I had bought one of the level 60 Captain class armor sets beforehand so I had a great gear incentive to get to 60. The actual event happened while trying out one of the level 60 solo item xp quests out of the Dolven View. The one with the fire elementals trying to destroy the library. That quest is a bit of a challenge actually and I ran out when I hit 60 because (1) it was late and (2) I was too excited to concentrate. Well, not that bad, but I was stoked. Unfortunately for my enthusiasm, nobody from the kin was on that late. I'm located on the west coast of the US and everybody else in the kin is at least one timezone east of me.

Now it's time for a little bit of gear gushing. I'm so happy I now have a gear upgrade. I've been sitting in a majority of the level 47 critted crafted gear which at 60 put me 13 levels behind on my gear. That's a big hit to the stats and armor. Here is the level 60 armor I'm now wearing: Stoutheart's Armor and Armor of the Rallying Shout. And now for what I look like. I decided to change my second outfit slot to this new armor and after messing with the dressing room for a few minutes, I decided on red as the overall best look for the set.

Jaxom Looks Epic

The new armor is a bit weak on Will so I changed up one of my traits that gave me Agility (which was my highest stat) for one with a Will bonus. That should help out on the power total a little bit. I also put in a bid for a Sublime Dawn-Rose Bracelet with a good Will bonus. I'll sacrifice more Agility, but in the end, when I get a full set of Sublime jewelry (after a considerable sum of coin leaves my hands) I should make up the losses in other stats.

Current Total Buffed Stats:

Might: 466
Agility: 467
Vitality: 338
Will: 313
Fate: 421


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