More Video?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I had really hoped to be able to post more video's than screenshots here but I've as yet been unable to get Fraps to work without crashing my system with an out of memory error. Essentially, I take at most 30 seconds of in-game footage and I run out of memory. My system has 3.3 gigs (4 gigs total, but the 32-bit OS castrates it a bit) which should be more than enough to handle video recording and the game at the same time. Hell, I tried it with my older system of 2 gigs and while the game was extremely choppy and I couldn't really use the video footage, nothing crashed. It's Vista I'm certain - the way it handles memory is terrible. I'm going to try out the 64-bit version of Vista in the near future to see if things improve, but I'm anxiously awaiting Windows 7 which by all accounts I've heard thus far is a big improvement on Vista. Like the best OS Microsoft has every put out. Which isn't hard, depending on how you see Microsoft, but still, high praise.

The point of that long-winded introduction was that there's a video tour of the Mines of Moria posted over at LOTRO Videos, one of the new blogs I've ran across. Check it out.

2 Responses to "More Video?"

Anonymous Says:

As a Vista detractor (not getting FRAPs to work on it was one complaint of mine) who has comfortably settled back into using XP: I rather like the Windows 7 beta, so far at least.

It seems to have the same core as Vista, but it's been tweaked heavily, plus has a few smart additions / changes. I don't know if it's the best OS from Microsoft, it's really hard to chart that really (some of them have been so stinky in hindsight)-- but I'd feel a lot less pain purchasing it to use DX10, whereas Vista I couldn't even stomach using it.

Jaxom92 Says:

I might see if I can get on the Windows 7 beta.