Legendary Not So Legendary

Thursday, February 5, 2009

LOTRO Chronicles has put up a great post about the legendary items being not so legendary, especially in the spirit of weapons such as Anduril and Sting. Check it out for a very insightful piece. I've posted a comment to the entry over there but I thought I'd repeat myself here.

I had thought when I first heard about the system that it would be more along the lines of we get one weapon we take with us for the rest of our days simply adding to and changing as time goes on.

I think what we have is an excellent system for an MMO. It's compelling, it's accessible, it's long-winded. But what makes this a near-perfect MMO mechanic destroys the concept of legendary as we know it via Sting, Anduril, etc.

I honestly don't think such a system as you propose is as good for the *game* side of LOTRO. For the lore side, certainly. I've found that Turbine seems to error on the side of the game and keep as much of the *spirit* of the lore as possible. So, the legendary weapon system as it stands now pays homage to the idea of the legendary weapons in the IP, but in reality is simply a game mechanic carrying all the associated baggage.

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