New Blog to Follow

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm always on the lookout for new blogs to follow, particularly ones that have LOTRO related content. Granted, I started out this blog with a roll call that comprised many non-lotro blogs but now I'd like to build up the list a bit on the LOTRO front. I've added on today with some quality content. It's called Dragonchasers, and is a general gaming blog, but from time to time you'll see LOTRO posts there and all that I've read in browsing the blog have been very intelligent and well written.

My goal with The Middle-Earth Adventurer is to aim for quality, not necessary quantity (albeit February is looking mighty fine on the quantity side of things). Any blogs I found out there who mirror that creed I'm very interested in, especially if they have LOTRO content as well. I highly recommend checking out Dragonchasers.

And even better is that the more blogs about LOTRO I'm following, the more ideas and inspirations I can get for this blog.

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