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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This article is relatively recent on the official site. It was created after I encountered the problem it was talking about. The line I got from Turbine when I investigated my problem initially was that it was Microsoft's problem with the way Vista handles memory management. No mention of a 64-bit OS solving the problem. But it has indeed stayed Microsoft's problem. This article describes exactly my setup and problem.

The line I got from Microsoft? It's Turbine's problem because they designed the code to be incompatible with their OS. Great, a back and forth blame game. But if the 64-bit OS solves the problem, I think I'll be purchasing an upgrade to Vista 64-Bit ultimate. I really wish I could just wait until Windows 7 comes out but the problem has been quite annoying and isn't limited to just LOTRO. Besides, I've castrated my 4 gigs of RAM to 3.3 using a 32-bit OS. I have every reason in the world to switch right this minute. And I will be going to Windows 7 as soon as it's available because everything I hear out of that venture is only good news. So much less overhead, better memory management, etc, etc. Can't wait. And when was the last time someone has ever said they "can't wait" for a Microsoft OS? The world has stopped turning and the devil has started throwing snowballs.

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GJ Says:

Yeah, I'm waiting on 7 too. Seems like it'll less intensive and so, I assume, will give more room for my game to run well.

I have Vista 64 and it really gives me no issue in LotRO. I popped up to 6 GBs of RAM, which has been pretty helpful :)

- Tony