Recent Server Problems

Monday, April 6, 2009

What's the deal Turbine? That's what a lot of folks are asking right now. I don't know enough to speculate except that it's possibly linked to the recent server move to a new data center. All this happened after the move. Like I said, I don't know enough. But some who have the same lack of knowledge I do think they know enough to speculate. And accuse. And insult.

There is nobody that knows the problems better than the people working on the problems - and that doesn't include the players, even if you have industry experience - be it software or hardware. I find the idea that there is some overarching negligence or incompetency on the part of Turbine a bit immature.

Thank goodness the vast majority of people who play LOTRO are patient, mindful, and mature individuals who understand that this type of problem is not the norm (twice doesn't make a behavioral pattern). They understand that the tech teams are working as fast as they can to find, diagnose, and fix the issues. I hate that in the midst of fixing the problem, while the community team is trying their best to keep people informed, there are a small number who lash out with insults instead. I would not be able to be in that job without become severely jaded, at best. At worst - I'd flip my lid too and become the very thing I disliked.

Kudos to all the Turbine folks, both techs and community relations, as they deal with the latest issues. Keep up the hard work and I'm glad to know that you guys are so committed to the mere value of our entertainment.

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