LOTRO's Graphical Effects

Thursday, April 16, 2009

There are a few times in LOTRO where I'm just amazed by the visuals. Most of the time that's the landscape but every once and a while there's some effects that really get my blood pumping. One of them is the Grims, first seen in Forochel and now later fire versions in Moria. The latter has a really cool looking special attack.

Sorry about the UI showing up in this pic. I didn't have time to shut it off and hit the screenshot button in the middle of my combat skill rotation. Not that it would matter much if I did miss my timing, but the effect is fairly quick and I needed to be fast on the print screen key.

EDIT: After posting this I decided a visual demonstration of fighting the Fire Grims would be cool so I went a head and captured a bit of combat and put it up on YouTube. You also get a bit of what it's like with a captain in combat - solo of course is different than group play.

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