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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've never been on a raid. Mostly that's because my schedule has never coincided with the raids that some of my kinmates participate in. I don't think I'd ever go on a PUG raid before I went with my friends. Recently it was my goal to get all the radiance armor. Not so much to go participate in the Vile Maw raid, which requires the radiance gear, but rather just because I like nice armor. But I kind of abandoned that after I realized how much work that was and at my casual pace everybody would be in Mordor before I finally got around to getting my last piece of the set. Hyperbole but you get the point. Essentially, raiding is probably not my cup of tea - not because I don't like playing in groups (see last post for clarification of that point) but because I just don't make the time to do so. My last big excursion was an instance run of Urugarth with my kinship. That was a blast, but it took a really long time - a bit longer than I would have preferred and by the end I was totally wiped out and logged pretty quickly afterwards.

All that said, you most likely won't be seeing raiding posts from me. But in the interest of keeping this blog going with relevant content, I will always link to those who are talking about raiding so you fellow adventureres can get a taste of everything despite my own personal preferences. I point first to LOTRO Chronicles, part of the LOTRO blogging collective, who has a nice post about the state of raiding in general. The next post is from Kill Ten Rats who uses a raid to illustrate the more specific aspect of gear aquisition and class dynamics within raids - pros and cons. Good posts by both.

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