Coming Off Too Strong

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I think I came off too strongly on yesterday's Road Block post. I should state clearly I'm not adverse to grouping. Some of my fondest moments in game have taken place in a group. Where the post came from is that I've predominately soloed most of the game. You get used to that play style, without having to take the time to organize a group. You get used to deciding to do content and then doing it, not LFFing for a range of content and taking what comes. It's the same phenomenon that happens to single people getting married if they've lived by themselves for a while beforehand - you have to get used to working with another person, making decisions that affect not only you, but another, and most applicably, make co-decisions.

So, I'm at a point in my LOTRO gaming where I have to change up my playstyle. The reason I ended with a bit of a downer was that I believe firmly that a game's reason for existence is to entertain - if it no longer entertains, there's no reason to play. If I don't successfully transition my playstyle to grouping, whatever form that takes be it PUGs or with kin, then LOTRO no longer is entertaining and I have no reason to play. This is by no fault of the game, purely my own.

However, I doubt that will happen. Why? Well, I think I love this game too much. I might feel burned out from time to time but that doesn't mean I think any less of the game. Back to the relationship analogies - one might get in a fight with one's wife, but that doesn't (or shouldn't) mean one loves her any less - there's just a bit of a speed bump. So, here's a speed bump. I intend to make every effort to successfully navigate over it or around it or whatever and continue to play, continue to have fun.

I didn't mean to present such a dour outlook with my last post. Like any endeavor in life, MMO gaming has its ups and downs.

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