Forochel and Eregion Overviews

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zubon over at Kill Ten Rats has done both an Eregion write-up as well as one for Forochel. He discusses at length how the quests are laid out and what sort of storylines you'll find. He also mentioned various deeds you can complete while going through the zones. A commonality between the two zones are that they are designed for the player 45-52ish. Forochel was put into the game when the level cap was still 50 and Eregion came to us with Moria but was accessible to those who did not have the expansion. In essense, these are regions designed for the level cap of 50 and when that is raised, it's hard to fit them into the normal leveling progression.

This is a trade-off from the lack of regions we see at the lower levels. A plethora of content for 45-55 will give players options for what they want to do. Go through Eregion on one character and Forochel on another and Angmar and the Misties on a third. Certainly the natural flow of the regions is broken up but a natural flow tends to be a bit linear, and I like the two axis directions going on in the world development at the moment. Honestly, I'd rather see a checkered board approach - a surface of zones to choose from, but that takes a lot of resources.

In any case, Zubon's comments are worth reading for those interested in what each zone has in store for you. He's frank about both the good and the bad - and with all quests, I recommend you read the quest texts to get a little context to what you're doing. It'll make it that much more enjoyable.

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