April Fools in LOTRO Land

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last year's Battle of Amon Hen was genius, in my opinion. This year Turbine set up a special chicken play session where you had to run from Gramsfoot to Glan Vraig in the Ettenmoors. You got the title Fool. Apparently there were too many fools out there and they all pulled one over on the servers. It was too much to handle and our poor chicken quest "bawked". Without the puns that means the quest was disabled. Doesn't look like it'll be reinstated either. So now the April Fools is getting an enticing piece of mail in your box that you can do nothing with. BAHAHAHAH!

And now for a bit of hilarity from the blogosphere and gaming world in general. This will be probably the only place where I deviate from the LOTRO subject...

Blizzard has some new additions to their games. WoW has gotten two, StarCraft II will see one, as will Diablo III.

Ravenous over at Kill Ten Rats had a chat with Richard Garriot about his next game - a spaced based red paper clip bonanza.

The Ancient Gaming Noob is promoting a game: Cornhole.

2 High Road is deeply upset over a lore breach involving our favorite White Wizard baddie.

Tobold talks about Blizzard's new Pokemon MMO and a strictly PvE server for EVE.

Google now has a tool for auto completing your e-mails for you.

And as for me, I've been selected to be the official LOTRO blogger by Turbine's Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefle. Apparently I have a fan out there in Turbine land. My responsibilities will include annoying the devs as I hover over their shoulders getting all the juicy nuggets of what they're working on, sitting in the aforementioned Mr. Steefle's executive producer chair - which I hear is made out of real Evendim boar leather, and finally blowing up this blog and all my readers because after I get this job, you will all know too much.

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i hate this, servers are still down