The Other Bounty Quests

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We've had a discussion about bounty quests before, but did you know that in addition to the IXP bounty quests in Esteldin, there's crafting related bounty quests in Breeland (and perhaps other places)? While adventuring with Massive Hobbits in the Barrow downs I ran across three repeatable bounty quests that reward single-use recipes to whichever type of crafter you are. One of them even rewards the particular shard (in this case sapphire) that you need to complete these recipes. Of course, that means you'll have to find two other shards for the other two recipes you get, but that's not unreasonable. Indeed, these quests are an excellent way to get some good recipes for some nice jewelry early in your tier when you couldn't otherwise make a crit item with good stats. I do hope to see more of these for the later tiers.

3 Responses to "The Other Bounty Quests"

The Road Goes Ever On Says:

There's a second set of journeyman bounty quests up by Nen Harn. You can actually complete each bounty three times, so with the two sets of quests (Barrows and Nen Harn), you can earn six sapphire shards! :D

Kairos Says:

Completely missed these... I assume they are for lower to mid-level crafters, since you mention a sapphire shard? A great idea, in any case.

Jaxom92 Says:

@Kairos Yeah, the quests are for the Journeyman tier. I was pleasantly surprised by them and really enjoyed doing them and getting the shard and recipe.