Bounty Quests Problem

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rather than post the exact same thing as LOTRO Chronicles, I'm just going to direct you to that post. Basically, I (and many other people) were right that the Bounty quest rewards were "overpowered". Rather than nerf the IXP they're probably going to change the timer to 3 days instead of the 15 hours or whatever it is right now.

EDIT: As pointed out by a commenter, I was only half-right regarding the reasoning behind the upcoming bounty quest changes.

2 Responses to "Bounty Quests Problem"

Pneumos Says:

You're entitled to your opinion, but you are in no sense "right" according to the specifics of the dev response. The devs were concerned about "crowding" in the new quests and view the "hefty dose of IXP love" as "Not a major concern game play-wise, as we'd been meaning to speed that up some in any case". See my comment on the linked post and the previous one concerning this issue on his blog for more details.

Jaxom92 Says:

I will concede I was only half-right by saying the reward was overpowered, or in the dev's words "overshot". I like their word better. I saw the root cause of the crowding being the large IXP reward, further motivated by the relatively slow IXP gain from other sources. I did not know nor guess of the plan to generally increase the IXP gain. It's possible I could have made an educated guess about where they were going with the LI system, like you did, but I didn't. That's the beauty of a bloging community - what some of us fail to see others do see. Essentially I focused on one part of the picture - the most immediately obvious - and assumed that would be the part to change. However, I agree with you that their fix (3 day timer) is the best for the situation considering the overall LI plan.