Falling Behind

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've not been able to make the last few Massive Hobbits events due to other things being scheduled during the play times. This Saturday again finds me busy. And I'm starting to fall behind - especially since the group is moving to Book 3.4+ and I haven't even started Book 2 yet. Not that I think they wouldn't mind catching me up, but I just feel less motivated to play when I know I'm behind. And that's sort of where I've found myself with Jaxom on Elendilmir.

Perhaps I'm suddenly moving away from being hardcore casual to just casual. With a new job, my time is even more limited now. I have a host of activities I used to fill up my excessive free time and now I need to make the choice of which ones are most important. It would seem from the outside that LOTRO would be high on the list but even high on the list doesn't change the amount of time in the day. I also want to get into the habit of regularly writing fiction, which I've dabbled with on and off for years now to no finished projects. Indeed if I could discipline myself enough to push a piece or pieces off for potential publishing, that would be fantastic. That means a lot more time spent writing rather than playing.

There's some other life choices I need to make soon, which I won't get into here because it's not important for the gaming side of this. Regardless, I'll be blogging less, and playing LOTRO less. the idea of having two kinships (three with the blogger kinship The LOTRO Reporter has been discussing.) is out of the question. I'll have to stick with my first. I just cannot devote the time and effort (I'm a big believer in helping the kin as much as possible). I'm already torn about missing so many Massive Hobbits events.

4 Responses to "Falling Behind"

Joc Says:

Hey mate, Feldalor here.
I know how hard it is to juggle all the things you want to do in your free time.
Glad to hear you are busy watching House as well, it is probably my favorite show and is good to see other people enjoying it!

Goldenstar Says:

Nothing wrong with being a casual :) You just need to be more selective of what you can do with your playtime. And more RL responsibilities isn't always a bad thing.

Jaxom92 Says:

Oh yeah, I'm not too torn up about it. I just get in this pattern of biting off more than I can chew...

SeanMc74 Says:

I know what you mean. I've too busy with work and RL stuff to play much LOTRO. When I do have time I end up playing my main and not with the Massive Hobbits group. I think at this point I'm too far behind to ever catch up.