Combat Analysis by 2 High Road

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 High Road is starting an interesting experiment using a third party program to parse the combat data in LOTRO. There's a preliminary post up now outlining what exactly this program does, and some of the limitations. If you're at all interested in min/maxing your characters, do check out this post and the follow up ones as he continues to look at damage output, etc. I know that one lacking area in the LOTRO Blogosphere is "hardcore" analysis and theorycrafting.

3 Responses to "Combat Analysis by 2 High Road"

Scott Says:

one lacking area in the LOTRO Blogosphere is "hardcore" analysis and theorycrafting

Honestly, is that a bad thing? I'm actually happy that Turbine doesn't support UI addons. It's bad enough LOTRO took a turn towards heavy gear-centricity with Mines of Moria, the last thing I'd want is "required" addons to measure your dps/healing/whatever and groups won't take you if you don't measure up. There's already WoW for that.

If I never play another MMO with "meter" addons, I'll be a happy camper.

Jaxom92 Says:

I agree with you about not desiring the negative side effects of being able to intricately analyze damage output etc, but I think there's still room for theorycrafting. Maybe not as "hardcore" as WoW but there's certainly strategies that are better than others when it comes to class build, weapon type, legacies on legendaries, etc.

Merric Says:

I never liked meter addons and to this day I readily claim that they are both inaccurate and demoralizing in most cases. However, addons in general are something that I miss. I miss things like Arkinventory that would go through my bags and stack things and allow me to customize/organize my bags and bank to how I liked it. Sure, there are addons that are annoying, but some of the features were great and they didn't rely upon the game developers to create time in their already hectic schedule in order to be created and updated.

As far as theorycrafting goes, I like it to a degree. I like min/maxing my own characters and I would use this program to help do that. What I dislike is when people start having juvenile competitions and posting comparisons after each pull, fight, etc that can result from min/max'ing. I do it for my own self-improvement, not to tell others how to play. I have a pretty good idea if you're pulling your weight in a group and I don't need a damage meter to decide that for me.