Random Screenies

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I got a stack of screenshots I've been holding onto, neglecting to post, so here is a random screenshot post for ya, in no particular order. The first two are from Jaxom, the others are my recent adventures with Kabbage.

Eregion at Night 1
Eregion at Night 2
A Tranquil Scene
Breeland Moon
Breeland Vista 1
Breeland Vista 2
Castle on a Hill
Fire! (Caught someone had lit a campfire on the West Bree Stables! Oh no!)

These last two are taken at the same time I made this video of the third jump. Unfortunately, that third jump was also the one where I went splat!

Don't Jump! 1
Don't Jump! 2

2 Responses to "Random Screenies"

Thallian Says:

I HAVE jumped off that bridge, thank you very much... granted I was later served as an entree at IHOP, but lets ignore that detail.

Yeebo Says:

I feel like I'm five, but I got a giggle out of watching Cabbage jump to his death.

Bree Vista 1 is a nice shot.