Radiance Changes Coming

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes, yes, yes. This is a good fix we've been waiting for. While not quite perfect (no alternate method/alternate radiance gear), taking a bit of the grind out of the radiance instance runs will help out tremendously. Amlug has posted a blog update talking about the new barter system for radiance gear coming Soon(TM). And as a wonderful tease at the bottom he mentions a change to the way Radiance/Gloom and Hope/Dread interact. I'd love to see a bit more detail on that one, but hey, we can't get everything all at once. I wouldn't have anything to write about tomorrow now would I? Do check out the post for more details.

3 Responses to "Radiance Changes Coming"

Fingo of brandywine Says:

All I can say is I will never need to run DD again. This is good news. Instances/Raids may actually be fun again (the horror!). And achievers can still get their jollies going for the rare drops from DD and 16th if they like. Good on turbine for finally "getting it".

Isy (MMeOw) Says:

Wow! Awesome find there! I think everyone will be really pleased with these changes. There is still a lot of clarification needed (are medallions specific to one instance, i.e. will Fil Gash Medallions be separate from Dark Delvings Medallions e.t.c.), but having other rewards (e.g. Item XP or Legendary Item modifiers) will sweeten the deal for those already with radiance armor who are helping kinnie attain what they need.

Jaxom92 Says:

As far as I can tell the medallions are shared amongst the instances. That's what really makes this change so great because those who hate a particular instance don't have to run it and can still get medallions. Furthermore, you don't have to run the optional challenge objectives (new name for hard mode) to get medallions. You'll get more out of a challenge objective, but it's no longer forced. Options, choices, I love it!