MMeOw is Going Big

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If you follow the LOTRO blogs, then you're already aware of this, but I have to mention that MMeOw.net is getting some more writers. How many? Not sure, but two new writers have introduced themselves already. I'm really excited to see what some fresh faces can do to MMeOw. Not that it wasn't a great blog to begin with, but when I see a blog like Kill Ten Rats, with multiple authors, I see a vibrant community within the blog itself. Then I see an even more vibrant community in its readership. MMeOw could become that specifically to LOTRO.

So, I wish the new writers good luck, as well as Tony and insist that everybody reading this keep an eye on MMeOw.

2 Responses to "MMeOw is Going Big"

Tony Says:

Thanks for the comments :)

Victor Stillwater Says:

Thank you for the wellwishes. :D

I hope to do my best for MMeOw, so please keep reading! :)