Technical Problems

Sunday, June 7, 2009

So, if you follow my Twitter feed you already know that my internet was down for two and a half-days. That's the reason I haven't updated the blog. At least on the surface. Not sure if I would have had anything to say over that time anyway. I've been taking a bit of an informal break from playing regularly - taking my own advice, really. That's okay. I'm still keeping abreast of the news, which, combined with my commentary, is really what this blog's purpose is anyway. At the moment, there aren't any news items needing my attention in the game itself.

I'll be still playing though, and not abandoning the blog. No worries on that front. And I have some rumblings from a couple people in my family that will probably pick up LOTRO this summer, so I'll definitely dive back in to play in a static group with them. Always wanted a static group. My kinship is great, but we are pretty loose when it comes to when we're on and group activities. That has its advantages, namely I can take my current break without judgment or disrupting the other members, but it does add challenges too.

This adventure isn't nearly done!

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