Book 8 Crafting Dev Diary

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Perhaps one of the best dev diaries ever written, the Book 8 crafting diary is full of wonderful new information about the changes to crafting coming with the Book 8 update. I'm very much looking forward to this overhaul, not that I craft much. Indeed, I'm a cook, but it looks like cooks (and farmers) are getting some love. We're such a neglected group, especially the farmers. Do check this out - there's a wealth of information and it's even something you might want to bookmark for a while until you memorize the changes. Nice tables included!

Unfortunately, I did not see anything about crafted gear becoming better in relation to the higher end gear. I think we're never going to see that again with the whole radiance level gear check going on with the raids. Adding radiance to crafted gear would negate all the hard work done on the instances giving the radiance gear as crafting would be easier. Unless they somehow made crafting harder, which would be... well... hard. Still, this is a much needed upgrade to crafting

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