Old Content Revamp Dev Diary

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Orion is continuing his quest to revamp the older content in LOTRO and make it much more accessible. I'm quite excited about this process, if the Elven starter zone is any indication. This is some quality work. Of course, as a high level player with no alts that I regularly log, I'm a bit bummed I'm missing all this good stuff back at the lower levels. New quests you say? I'm a completionist. You say new quests, I have to do them... on the same character... no matter what level. Yes, it might be very strange for me to take my level 60 back to the starter zones and do content 40+ levels lower than me, but darn it, I'm just not an alt kinda person.

Honestly, I play this game for the awesome story and environment. Game mechanics, while important (and ironically take up much of this adventurer's bloging) are secondary. Let's see Middle-Earth... oh, yeah, and it's a game.

I think this whole process is one of the best investments of Turbine's time and resources into LOTRO. They certainly had the Shire and the early Breeland areas well polished, but the rest did feel rushed in retrospect. Hindsight is 20-20 no? Strengthening the draw that newer players will get from this refurbished content will only strengthen the game. I'm excited for when some local people I have recently found out will begin playing this summer. I'll be rolling my first ever serious alt (got all my character slots taken up by getting my feet wet with other classes) and playing with them as a static group. And that's great because, if I don't manage to get my 60 back to the newer low level stuff, there will be new stuff to me too! Good times and happy adventuring!

2 Responses to "Old Content Revamp Dev Diary"

Air Says:

I feel the same, am seriously tempted to start an alt to see the new content. Let me know when you kick off your new char, would be good to group up!

Do you know what class you'll try?

- Aeored

Jaxom92 Says:

I'll be sure to do that. It would be great to have more than two or three in the group. I'm looking forward to it.