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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is an unforeseen follow up to the kinship post today. Suzina, over at Kill Ten Rats, posted some interesting thoughts on kinship relations, this time looking at the phenomenon of new vs old. That is, what sort of gap is there between the newer players in the kinship and the older players.

For myself, I don't play regularly, so I struggle to even keep people's alts straight, let alone who's a new player in our kin. I try my hardest to be friendly to everybody who's on, even if I have no idea who they are. Heh. I'll usually ask, do I know you by another name or are you new? Of course, if I'm not ever on when they are, they might have played a month with us before I even met them, so then they're not really new are they?

I find myself relating to what Suzina posts but also not. I joined my kinship in beta, right when everybody else was new to the game. So there is the "old crowd" that I've known for a long time. Then there's the newer folks who I don't happen to share so many fond memories with. Not their fault, I just haven't gotten to play with them as much. But when I think of my kinship, I picture the oldies, even the one or two who don't play anymore. I have to wonder, is that a bad thing...

Not really, unless I make it a bad thing - like I look down on the "newbies" etc. I do think our kinship does do a good job in general welcoming new folks into the fold. Our kinleader is amazing at helping them feel at home by grouping with them, assisting with quests, passing on crafting items.

As a bit of a side note, many of the "core" kinship members, those that started in beta, came from StarWars Galaxies (like Suzina's group). With the new Bioware StarWars MMO, I know a lot of them will be headed that direction when it releases. And I think I'll be following them. I certainly won't stop playing LOTRO, and I don't think many of them will either (lifetime subs and all) but it really illustrates how strong a kinship can be in an MMO, and why belonging to one where you feel that kind of loyalty and connection will help your experience in any game, LOTRO included. To reemphasize the last post: find a kinship, but find one you can connect with. A kinship is merely a tool, it's the people that make it alive.

And if your kinship can overcome the new vs old barrier, more power to you - you've created a true community, not just a collection of avatars.

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Yeebo Says:

Great post. Describes the KS that I am in pretty well, we have a had a sudden (and somewhat odd) influx of new players. I try to log in at least a few times a week just to see if any of them need help.