Know Your Nazgul

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No, I don't mean invite them over for the Christmas party or out for a pint. I'm talking about knowing your lore, the Massively series on the lore of LOTRO. This time they're talking about the Nazgul, or more commonly referred to as the Ringwraiths.

The first time I read through the books, it was these guys, even more than Sauron himself that struck fear into my heart. Well, not quite like that, but they were the scariest things in the books, especially in Fellowship when the Hobbits were first running away from them. You didn't know what they were, who they were, but something blacker than night terrorizing the Shire really felt menacing.

Even when their full terror was revealed as the books progressed, they seems to me at least the embodiment of the evil of Sauron (not having a body kinda puts an almost unconscious damper on things).

Then when the movies came out and I heard the blood-curtling screams for the first time, I felt the same dread and menace as when I first read of these nasty creatures. Peter Jackson's team got the perfect sound.

Check out the link if you want to know a little more about how far the evil of men can go. And even better, become a scholar of Tolkien - take up the extracurricular materials like the Silmarillion and the History of Middle earth and become a lore expert yourself. It will go much further than a simple write-up. And you'll be riddiculed as a nerd the rest of your life, but who cares about that last one.

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