The Jeffery Steefle Massively Inverview

Friday, December 5, 2008

Okay, the slightly delayed reaction to the interview is here.

First, I must say, in accordance with my own enthusiasm with LOTRO, I'm pleased to hear Michael Zenke has enjoyed his experience in the game. Certainly the larger MMO population becoming interested in the game, or at the very least acknowledging of LOTRO's value is the best thing for the game. But when figures within the gaming press and blogosphere - those with influence in other words - latch onto a game and convey enthusiasm, it's almost just as good.

Secondly, I always enjoy listening to Steefle talk about the game. He always speaks with such vigor about what's going on that it makes me want to stop whatever I'm doing and jump right in and play some more. You can really feel his excitement and dedication come through.

Now, for what was said... Most of the questions were gathering reaction on how Moria was received. Generally, it's a bit too early to tell. I agree. While my initial reaction is quite positive, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the new content, particularly the Mines themselves. I've tried both new classes through the starter instances, but haven't gone beyond that. The Rune Keeper is my favorite out of the two, but my Jedi affinity is coming through in that respect - it's just cool to "shoot" lightning out of your fingers.

One of the topics that always intrigues me is where the game is headed. To be a fly on the wall in Turbine's offices would be worth a great deal of coin. This topic was barely broached in the interview, and with good reason. When the topic of the future comes up, rarely do developers deign to answer. At best you get cryptic responses and allusions. Oh well. I have a speculation topic in my head for a future post.

Over all, an enjoyable interview. Good questions, logical for what's just happened in the game. It's always nice to hear interviews conducted by people who play the game. I think players, particularly trained in some fashion as journalists, always know how to approach interviews with "their" developers best.

So, if you want a good idea on where the Turbine team stands with LOTRO - check out the interview.

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