An Explorer's Paradise

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moria is an explorer's paradise. It's so huge, so labyrinthine, so wonderfully the uber dungeon that anybody who loves to explore in MMOs will have a field day (or field months) with this place. I'm one of those explorer types. I love to see the world, the whole world, and all the little nooks and crannies.

What makes Moria special in this regard is the vertical space. The typical landscape in an MMO is a 2D plain. Now, sure, these plains have hills and mountains and the like, but you're rarely if ever running in and around and underneath your previous and future paths. Where you see this kind of thing is in dungeons. Well, Moria is the ultimate dungeon ripe for exploration. There's so much to see that in just one of the areas that I know this place will occupy my time for months, if not until the next expansion comes out - it's that big.

Many of the complaints about expansions is that they don't offer enough to do until the next one comes out. I must say, become an explorer and enter Moria. You'll be sated for a long while.

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