You're Insane!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday night I logged into LOTRO, my intent merely to check on things, see if anybody was on, and check up on how much food was still in the kinhouse. If I haven't mentioned it already, I'm a yeoman, so that gives me the professions of farmer, cook and tailor. I have leveled the first two to Grand Master, so I like to keep the kinhouse stocked with level 40 food (the top tier) for use by my kinmates. Well, so long as I have the coin to cook it, since I do this pro-bono. Sometimes I get donations though.

Anyway, I managed to run into some people doing 13.9 (link contains spoilers), which is where I was at in the epic quests. We finished the book, and since two of my kinmates helped, we just went off to do our own thing afterwards. This happened to be killing various things in Carn Dûm (the non-instanced part) for one of them on 8.1 (link contains spoilers). Well, our tank randomly decided it would be fun to aggro four trolls, two angmarim, and an orc, all even level Elites. I didn't have time to say it then, but I was thinking "You're insane!"

Oh, and guess who had to heal through all that? Me. The Captain. No minstrel. My heals are miniscule compared to the minnies. And another thing. Our other member was a hunter. DPS squishy. He was on his own. But guess what... we didn't wipe. No one died. Our tank held aggro like gorilla on both coffee and steroids. And I spammed Words of Courage, my shield brother heal, the shield brother healing buff, and Rallying Cry. Then that wasn't enough. Grimbur (our tank) was still going down. I saw him pop his own pots, but we weren't going to make it. So I hit what I like to term the "oh shit" combo. It's In Harms Way, followed by Last Stand... which allows me to take all the damage from the whole fellowship, but not die in the process. Then, once Last Stand is almost over, I hit Strength of Morale, an massive heal skill from a man racial trait. This bought our tank some time to refresh some of his morale pool, and me more morale to work with in helping heal him.

So we survived, barely. Grimbur, you're insane! But it was epic!

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