Moria Monsters

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yet another dev diary for me to point out today, this time in relation to the monsters of Moria. The guy who comes up with all the skills and monster behavior wrote an epic piece on the principles of the new behaviors seen in Moria monsters. I don't know if these will be carried over to those in Shadows of Angmar or not, but it sounds like fights will be a lot more interesting.

The last page details some of the more common monsters and their behaviors. Certain mobs require a Monster Corruption dispelling skill to get rid of buffs they put on themselves. Others can be dazed or mezed to solve the problem, while still others you can simply run out of range of their skill if you can't dispell it in any way.

Now, as a Captain, I have a couple concerns. First, our dispelling skill is gated behind two other skills, the first of which requires a hit in order to open the series. So, not only do I have to work through the skill progression, I have to count on a hit on the skill that's not even the one that dispells the corruption to even have the possibility of doing so.

Second, we dont' have any mez or daze skills, so we cannot avoid the mobs whose behavior is modified by doing so. Now, the dev diary does say even-level mobs are still designed to be one-on-one soloable, but I have my doubts as to the captain's viability if two of the new behaviors are difficult if not impossible to deal with. Time for me to check out the captian forums and see if there's any hubub about it. Likely I'll find the usual complaining.

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