My Rivendell Hazing

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Back in beta just after they opened Rivendell to us testers, my kin decided they were going to take me on a Rivendell Run. Now, the reason this was (and still is, to a lesser degree) significant is that there is not a clear path (i.e. without mobs) between the Fords of Bruinen and Rivendell. I was also somewhere between level 10 and level 20, if my memory serves me. Finally, the mobs I just mentioned are low to mid 30s. Not healthy for a little lowbie like I was. But hey, that's what was so fun for me and my kinmates (who were higher than me, but just able to do the content out there anyway).

Their advice to me before we set out. "Don't stop running. And don't aggro anything." Sounds like a blast. It was indeed a blast. We're running along through the Trollshaws, and I see my first mob, an Auroch (which were present and elites then) standing in the middle of the road. I'd never seen these massive cattle-like creatures before, so not only are they the largest buggers I've ever run into but hot-damn I see a purple name. Purple is a bad, bad color. It means that it will kill you if you even breathe.

I mention something to this effect in the kinchat. Their response "Just be glad we're not running this at night. The trolls come out and actually chase you." Trolls... well, I guess that's why it's called the Troll Shaws. Bloody hell.

The next major event happened when they decided to break their own advice and tell me to stop runing. Why? Well, we were going to visit some drakes. WTF is a drake? I ask. You'll see, they tell me. I can just read their mischievous grins in the chat. Turns out a drake is a very, very small version of a dragon. Most of them don't fly, but when you have a mob that's a good 10 times my body mass and spits fire at you... well, it doesn't really mater that it technically isn't a dragon. You're just as dead either way.

So I stand and watch as they show off by taking down this monsterous beast. But I was impressed... after I got done pissing myself.

What was so... anti-climactic, in a sense, was actually getting to Rivendell. Sure, I was stoked to actually visit one of the most serene places in Middle-Earth. A peaceful refuge in an otherwise hostile world. The nerd moment was epic. But that drake sure gave the elves a run for their money.

All in all an absolute blast. I must say though, as much as these guys are still cool, them drakes are no longer a match for my mighty level 50 epicness. Yes, that 324 probably would have made me toast back in the day. Mmmm, extra crispy.

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Anonymous Says:

Rivendell is absolutely awesome place to visit in the game, Elrond's house is amazing.