Another Welcome Back Weekend

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turbine is doing another extended welcome back weekend for former LOTRO players. If you're reading this blog, I would assume you're already a LOTRO player, but if you know anybody who has played and might want to jump in for a few days to play for free, then this is there chance, and let them know.

Now, last time this happened, there was a queue to get into the servers, and a certain number of paying players were ticked off that they had to wait in line behind (presumably) people who were not paying. That seems a bit arrogant to me, and if the free players were the only ones who had to wait in line, then that would be a big hindrance to the whole point of the weekend - getting former players back into the game, and perhaps buying the Mines of Moria expansion. So, give them the best customer service they can get, and then they'll be more players in the game potentially. And that benefits everybody in the end.

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