Cor Pethroni

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hey, it's about time I mention the third kinship I'm involved with, and let all you readers know you can join! The folks over at the LOTRO Reporter created a new kinship on the Brandywine server called Cor Pethroni. It's Elvish for "Ring Narrators." Perfect for what this kinship is all about - we're full of LOTRO bloggers and LOTRO blog readers. So, if that fits you, you're welcome to join up. My character is Sharrien, an Elven huntress (yes, technically a "hunter" but I thought I'd indicate gender in my chosen class). I'll be on every Tuesday from around 7 to 9 PM Pacific Time in case you want an invite; just send a tell. However, there's a host of others that can recruit you as well. Check out the my.lotro page I linked above for who's an officer - they'll be able to conduct your hazing... er... entrance ceremony.

While I won't be able to be on very much, many of us will have more time, so it shouldn't be a ghost town. Come on in. We don't have any big agenda or plan except to connect to our readers and each other in-game as well as in the blogosphere. But don't let our casual nature cause you pause. Perhaps you can be the one to organize some events, instance runs, or other group content.

2 Responses to "Cor Pethroni"

Anonymous Says:

I'm definitely planning to join Cor Pethroni, I'm just trying to decide if I want to move Kalnin over from the Massive Hobbits or start a new character on Brandywine. After Champion, Loremaster is the only class I haven't played yet.

Are the Massive Hobbits going to stay active? I might just roll a hobbit burglar or warden to join MH instead.

So many alts, so many decisions.

The Road Goes Ever On Says:

I've been meaning to roll a new character on Brandywine and join the new kinship! Okay -- this week's the week.

If only I weren't so busy and kinda LOTRO-burnt-out at the moment! :(