Mobs of Middle-Earth

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A delightful feature article appeared today on the official site, discussing the types and varieties of mobs found in LOTRO. If you're new to LOTRO, this would be a wonderful article to read before playing, giving you a taste of what you could see in the game. Or, you might just like to be surprised, and surprised you will be, especially when in the deep dark of Moria, where nameless enemies of all shapes and sizes await.

I think LOTRO receives undue criticism for it's bestiary. Many argue that the mob types are boring and repetitive. I think that's a side effect of being in the relative quiet part of Middle-Earth, Eriador. When we venture farther into the east, seeing more of Mirkwood, Rohan, Fangorn Forest, and closer to Mordor, I think the mob types will become more intimidating. And, we have Moria at this point. If you care to venture to the deepest places, you'll find some pretty unique mobs.

I highly recommend checking out this article. For the veteran, you have seen what there is to see in Middle-Earth thus far, but for the new player, it's a great read. A good way to get excited about the kind of evil you'll face in your LOTRO adventurers.

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Yeebo Says:

A lot of times I see message board warriors arguing that LoTRO is screwed because it's limited by the IP. Little do they realize that half the stuff in game currently is found nowhere in the books. Most of it is a logical extrapolation from the works of Tolkien. However Turbine still has enough freedom to do pretty much whatever they like (e.g., Runekeepers).