My Bloody Bags Are Full!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Full of way too much stuff. I have a spare weapon in my pack, which I don't know why I bother with since I've never, ever, in the two years or so that I've been playing needed. Then there's the crafting tool that isn't equipped. My horse and map. All my pots, which include three different healing and power pots (want to use up the ones I got until I move onto the next tier) and wound, poison, and disease healing pots. Oh, and a stack of hope tokens. Then there's my different banners and my herald armaments. Then I have an infused garnet sitting around till I dump it off at my house for storage until I do the legendary item quests associated with it (probably talk about that when I do). A stack of magnificent and exceptional hides for mailing to kinmates when they're full. A couple quest items (thank goodness for the seperate storage for quest items now). And then there's the whole host of spare legendary items being leveled or waiting to be leveled. Which means I have about 2 bags worth of room for trash loot and the subsequent cash from vendoring it. Considering I don't make money as a Yeoman, this is a potential penny pinching problem. And that reminds me, I have two different food stuffs in there as well.

Whew. Enough with that paragraph. It's as full as my bags. So what to do about this problem? Well, I'll shortly be rid of 3 of those legendary items - after reforging and leveling to 11. One more will quickly follow suit. But there's still too much stuff in my bags. I would really love to see larger bags. Maybe add 5 slots per for a purchase price or something.

Sure, the extra vendor chests are wonderful for the stuff that you don't keep on your person, but when you have all this stuff that more or less needs to be on you at all times, there needs to be a look at this part of the storage system.

Anybody else having storage problems? I know it's an ever-present dead horse on the forums, but I thought I'd give my two cents. Which, until recently, wasn't really that much of a problem. I think the addition of legendary items threw the issue over the edge for me.

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